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How to Setup a Shop!



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Post 25 Mar 2013, 5:16 pm

How to Setup a Shop!

We're using the plugin - Signshop

Here are the basic formats used by the plugin. These can be used inside or outside of the Mall.

To sell items to users.
use this for description
or the amount + items

To buy items off users.
use this for description
or the amount + items

How to create the shops.
Create your sign with the following formats above, place the amount of items on the sign into your chest, ensure it's the same as the sign and then hit the chest with a piece of redstone. Then hit the shop sign with redstone. Now the shop will be active and you can put your remaining stock into the chest.

Detailed Shop creation.
In this demonstration we will be selling '5 diamonds' to show you how to setup your shop.

This is what your sign will have on it.

Now I will place my chest and place 5 diamonds in it and left click the chest with redstone.

Now I will run back to the sign and left click the sign. The [Buy] sign will now be blue.

Quick tips!
Left clicking a sign shop will check what the shop is selling and if it has stock. If you own that shop, it will tell you how much stock you have left.

Right clicking the sign will purchase the item on the sign! Please note, right clicking signs that you were not meant to click or you clicked [Buy] instead of [Sell] are non-refundable for any shop.

Any faults for shops/mis-selling items can be reported using /modreq or sending a private message or mail to GetVegan.

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Post 21 May 2013, 12:47 pm

Re: How to Setup a Shop!

OK cool I didn't know how thanks! :conredx:


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Post 21 May 2013, 3:06 pm

Re: How to Setup a Shop!

Great tutorial man! :mine-P:

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