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User Guide: Moderators, GM and Administrators



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Post 19 Jan 2013, 7:56 pm

User Guide: Moderators, GM and Administrators

Many players wonder just what is a GM or MOD? In this post you'll be acquainted with the titles, what it means to be one and just how you go about being one.

Lets first start by saying that if you want to be considered and can't be bothered reading this post to gain understanding of what it is to be a member of the Staff then you clearly don't have what it takes. You'll be challenged by players, reading about their requests and issues daily, and be expected to type things like this to help the community out.

MOD = Moderator
A moderator is a scaled down version of a GM. Essentially they are a GM in training. Players are always welcome to show interest in becoming a MOD. Moderators not given more "server altering" commands until they have proven to be trustworthy, willing and able to listen, and responsible. This is due to the fact that a single command can cripple the server for hours easily with commands reserved for GM's. Moderators still have the capability but it is drastically reduced.

GM = Game Master
From Wikipedia...
A gamemaster's duties in an online game are to act as a moderator or customer service representative for an online community. A gamemaster in such a game is either an experienced volunteer player or an employee of the game's publisher. They enforce the game's rules by banishing spammers, player killers, cheaters, and hackers and by solving players' problems by providing general customer service. For their tasks they use special tools and characters that allow them to do things like teleport to players, summon items, and browse logs that record players' activities.

That is a near perfect definition of a GM. A GM isn't expected to know everything about the game. However, a GM -IS- expected to know resources to direct players to in order to get answers for themselves. A GM should not only be able to answer your question (or find the answer,) they should also be able to direct you to a wiki or other online resource to so the player can find the answer to future questions. A GM on Rolyd.com is responsible for helping players (yes that is first for a reason,) ensuring server rules are followed, settling player disputes, keeping an eye on the MOD team and to an extent other GM's. Has a GM gone off their rocker and started a killing rampage on the server? Does another GM have the right to temp ban that GM until Roly can deal with the situation? Yup. Absolutely. Has this ever happened? No...not here. Our selection process is done via vote between all GM's with the ultimate selection done by Roly himself. Can you go strait into GM? Nope. We must be ensured you can be everything you need to be. The only way to accomplish this is to serve out some time as a MOD.

How do we select mods? Well their is an awesome post about it. (I have copied Irokin's post in relation to the topic...

irokin wrote:
In my experience, people who ask to become a mod/op are usually the worst at the job and subsequently seem to be the last to be considered for the position. I think this is because they want the power for the wrong reasons, selfish reasons. They don't appear to be prepared to put in the effort required as was evident when someone wanted to help with one of my building projects for brownie points. They lasted about 10 minutes and I never saw them again. I didn't expect them to last any more than that though, because this person had been asking to become an admin.

People who do become mods/ops do things like:
Build good looking buildings to help the server from their own materials on their own time.
Respect other players, help new players, resolve conflicts without the need to involve admins.
Play fairly and never cheat or use outlawed modifications.
Use another program to chat with their friends so they don't fill chat with annoying rubbish 24/7.

People who DONT become mods/ops do things like:
Cause conflicts constantly requiring admin attention.
Don't have their land protected, constantly requiring admin attention.
Lie to admins investigating a complaint. The datalogs will reveal the lie 99% of the time and you will be punished for it.
Beg to become a moderator or admin, or are frequently asking for advice on how to achieve this goal (seriously, you should be able to figure this out on your own. If you cant, then you are NOT suitable to be a mod/admin!).
Beg for items so they can build things. Gaining a position of responsibility requires substantial effort on your behalf! It won't be laid out on a silver platter by admins.

Hopefully this helps and yourself and others won't feel the need to ask these questions in game anymore (because we're tired of answering them).

Players should also note if you suddenly make a swift change into trying your hardest to stand out as the helpful one it doesn't get highly looked upon. In other words...don't try too hard. Most players who try too hard are in it for either the title or the power. A MOD or GM works very hard. We enjoy playing the game but we also enjoy being helpful and want to see rolyd.com succeed. We are here to help Roly. We're just nice like that. I know some players fear the staff. There's no reason to. If your a nice and helpful player who gets along with people you'll also get along with us. Believe it or not its not the job of the staff to constantly search for players cheating or not following the rules. We are here to play the game just like everyone else. However, sooner or later we will catch the little buggers. We are here to help you guys. However, for most GM's and MOD's we end up spending at least half our time in game either solving player problems, helping players, fixing other issues or building not for ourselves but for the server. Do you want the title so you can boast about everything you've built for the server? Then this might not be the job for you. We get enjoyment out of building things so you guys can enjoy them. We are looking for genuine players who want to see rolyd.com continue to be here and who have a passion not just for the game itself but for helping the players. =)

It is important to note the staff and even Roly himself are not perfect. We all make mistakes. Do you have an issues with a GM or MOD? You are always welcome to discuss the issue privately in the forums with Roly. We have had issues in the past with very few staff members. However, each time we have had issues they have always been dealt with. Yes, we have removed staff members for abuse of power. We hold a high standard. However, we are a crazy and fun group of people just like yourselves. We only hold a high standard b/c we want the players to be well taken care of. We want you to come back. We want you to donate. Most importantly we want you to have a good time.

Still think you're ready to help out? The best thing to do is to contact Roly via the forums. To avoid huge "I can haz mod?" flame wars and battles on the forums, players are asked -not- to post "applications" publicly on the forums. Have you only been on the server for a month? You might want to rethink putting in for Mod. Chances are you have little clue about the server and how it runs. Have you never chatted with Staff in game or on the forums? If we don't know you your chances go way down. Do you know the rules and basic "this is how we do things on Rolyd.com"? If not then you may also wish to rethink.
-Dale :moderator:In-game admin/GM

Refuge: n. That which shelters or protects from danger or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which protects by its strength or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place inaccessible to an enemy.

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Post 19 Jan 2013, 11:25 pm

Re: WTF is a GM or MOD?

Great read Dale, just my tow cents... cause thats what I do!

dale00474 wrote: I know some players fear the staff. There's no reason to.

*insert pathetic evil laugh*... seriously, we play the game just like everyone else, and we enjoy it just as much. We have all probably logged far to many hours on this server, and one reason I wanted to step up when asked to do so, was because I wanted to contribute as much back to the server and new players, as the MODS and GM's did when I first joined!

dale00474 wrote: We are looking for genuine players who want to see rolyd.com continue to be here and who have a passion not just for the game itself but for helping the players. =)

Believe me guys, we do talk about it though you may never get wind of the conversation, we are always looking for who could be the next player to step up and help us out.

dale00474 wrote: It is important to note the staff and even Roly himself are not perfect. We all make mistakes.

pfft! speak for yourself... ok no... fine your right... we aren't perfect - - - close to it, but still not perfect :)

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