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Command List

Player Commands

/m (or /msg) <player> <message> - Send a private message to the given player.
/r <message> - Reply to the last person who sent you a private message.
/mm <message> - Send a private message message to the last player you sent a private message to.
/me <message> - Says a message in third person perspective. e.g. *Player1 is building a castle!

/spawn - Teleports you to the current worlds spawn.
/home <home name> - Teleports you to the specified home. If not home is given, teleports you to your default home in current world.
/sethome <home name> - Set a home to your current location. If no name is given, sets your default home in the current world.
/listhomes - Lists all of your homes.
/rmhome (or /rh) - Removes the given home.

/region info <region> - Find out information about region (right-clickling with string also works).
/region addmember <region> <player> - If you are the owner of that region you can add players to it, allowing them to build.
/region removemember <region> <player> - If you are the owner of that region you can remove players from it.

/modreq <message> - Send a message that can be seen by all Mods and GMs whenever they are online until the modreq is taken care of and cleared. This is the best way to make sure your requests for Mod/GM assistance are seen.

/money - Check your balance.
/money pay <player> <amount> - Send money to other players.
/money top - Lists the wealthiest players on the server.

/kit tools - Gives you the starting toolkit.

/warp <name> - Warps to name.
/warp list - List all of the warps you have access to.

/cprivate - Creates a private protection.
/cpassword <password> - Password protects the protection.
/cunlock <password> - Unlock's the protection.
/cmodify <player> - Adds player to protection.
/cremove - Removes protection.
/cmagnet on - Sets a magnet on the chest allowing it to automatically pick up dropped items close by. Great for a farming or throwing blocks at it.
/cpersist - Allows you to reuse your current command without re-typing it. Useful if you want to protect/modify/unprotect many things in a row.

/version - Gives the version number of CraftBukkit this is installed on the server.
/who - Lists all online players.
/played - Lists how long you have played on the server.

/high - As close as you can get in minecraft. [Link] by crusty_krow

- All commands triggered by /raffle as well as /raf.
/raffle buy <#> Buys the specified amount of tickets if a raffle is currently open.
/raf check - Check ticket price, how many tickets you have, and the current value of the pot.
/raf stats - Check your raffle statistics.
/raf donate <#> Donate <#> dollars to the current raffle, increasing the price pool. Donations are also recorded in stats.
/raf help - View raffle commands in-game.

Donator Commands *Depending on Package

Vip Chat Channel
/vip <message> - To talk in the VIP channel.
/viplist - To see who else is in the channel.

Book Importing
/bookimport <url to .txt file direct download>
Allows writing .txt files on your computer and importing them into the game across the internet into in-game books. Book titles may be longer than normal, and books may have more than the default maximum allowable pages. Books may also have colour.
Detailed Instructions and Usage

If you have access to Private Warps
/warp pcreate <name> - Create a new private warp at your current position.
/warp invite <player> <name> - Invites player to your warp.
/warp uninvite <player> <name> - Uninvites player from your warp.
/warp delete <name> - Deletes your warp.

If you have access to Teleporting
/tpc <player> - Requests to teleport to player.
/tpchere <player> - Requests to teleport someone to you.
/tpca - Accept's a request
/tpcd - Deny's a request
/tpcclear - Clears any pending requests made to you.

If you have access to Various Other Commands
/day - Changes the current worlds time to day.
/feed - Restores your hunger bar to full health.
/heal - Heals yourself completely.
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