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User Guide: PvP and PvP Specific Rules

Location: /pvp
The warp above will take the player to the PvP Hub. From there a player may enter any of the portals or visit the shops below the spawn point.
Arena count: 6 Themed areas complete with 3-4 arenas each. 1 Hunger games style map.


1. Items from other maps will not transfer to /pvp. Shops have been provided for players to purchase wares. Shop space is limited and is on a first come first served basis. Players wishing to apply for shop space must contact Coffee in game or on the forums. As world mining is prohibited at /pvp a world shop is open to purchase minable items to craft and stock shops.

2. The PvP areas are open during non-event times to all players. These times are not moderated. Asking for a private pvp ref from the Staff is acceptable. But please do not push the request if they don't have time.

3. When the arena is open and being used please have respect for those currently using them. Keep your distance and wait your turn. If you interrupt someone or are greedy and won't share once your turn is finished you may face a 24 hour ban. Be respectful and share the server.

4. All arenas are automated and do not require staff assistance.

5. Anything goes in PvP with one exception, Lava buckets. Lava is not available anyways so you need not worry about it.

6. Do not forcibly enter gate switch houses or other restricted areas via block glitching into those areas. This is a general server rule and especially applies here as players could become trapped inside arenas with no way to teleport out. FYI: most restricted areas have negative health flags attached and item dropping enabled. Unlike inside arenas where you will most likely keep your items on death, glitching into restricted areas will cause you to loose your items. As a result of breaking this rule you will not only be killed but will not have those dropped items replaced. =)

7. Player events are allowed for all members of the community including Staff. That being said...Staff shall not use items "spawned" with abilities not available to all other players. This is unfair and unsportsmanlike. You must craft your own items or purchase them yourself.

8. Players intentionally interrupting events held in the arena by attempting to enter, spam chat or otherwise disturb the event will face strict punishment. Event refs do not have time to "babysit" and watch events at the same time.

9. Specific game rules for each event will be posted. It is the players job to know and understand these and all posted rules for PvP combat. If you have questions ask.

Specific Games (How they work):

Spleef: Spleef is easy. Upon joining your inventory is temp wiped. Don't panic, everything will return to you. You must take the shovel provided and knock the floor out from under your opponent.
Splegg: Using the Shovel, right click your mouse to fire an egg. Use the egg to destroy blocks from under your opponent. TIP: Aim for TNT.

PvE (All PvE Arenas): Survive against wave after wave of increasing numbers or difficulty of mobs. No PvP enabled in these areas. Just you against mobs. Last one standing wins.

Teams: One team vs. another. Easy peasy.

Free-4-All: Every man, woman, dog, cat, chicken for themselves.

Special Events:
Special events are both rostered on the calendar at and posted in the forums. However, some events may be spontaneously announced in game.

Winners of PvP events will have their name displayed forever in the Hall of Champions. Players donating buildings and having such buildings approved for placement at /pvp will have their names displayed forever at the entrance to their arena.

Players caught cheating via rule violation during PvP events shall risk their status at the Hall of Champions pending Staff vote. This shall also apply to severe server rules violations such as Permanent Bans.

-Dale :moderator:In-game admin/GM

Refuge: n. That which shelters or protects from danger or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which protects by its strength or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place inaccessible to an enemy.