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Rules of

The following is a complete listing of all rules of All players are expected to follow these rules. The rules have been put in place in order to help provide a more safe atmosphere and an enjoyable one for the players.

General Server Rules:

1. Respect all players
2. No greifing. (This includes randomly entering a home and randomly pulling levers.)
3. All builds must be a respectful distance from other players.
4. No advertising other servers on public or private chat in game or on the forums without Roly's consent.
5. No excessively foul language in public or private chat.
6. No chat spam. This includes the following; excessive typing of all caps letters, asking the same question over and over, repeating any text in quick succession, typing text that is difficult to read such as AlTeRnAtInG cHaRaCtErS iN cHaT.
7. Animals on private property and in an enclosure or pen are to be left alone. Killing such animals is considered greifing.
8. All buildings close to spawn and other public warps to server locations must look pretty. No one wants to see ugly buildings every where.
9. Mechanical block duplicators of any kind (they lag the server.)
10. Game altering mods must be approved by the administration. NO X-ray mod, flying or speed hacks, "walk through walls" mods or any other mods that may give an unfair advantage to the player or cause compatibility issues with the server.
11. Abuse of glitches in the game's code ie; forced entry through protected blocks
12. Player traps should have a warning somewhere. If you wish to help protect your area with traps you should at least give fair warning first. This helps prevent players straying into your land.
13. staff (Moderators, GM and Administrators) reserve the right to swing the all-mighty Banhammer wildly through the air, Bruce Lee style, at players breaking the rules. Players may be warned for smaller infringements or some first time occurrences. Options reserved by Staff to preserve the rules of this server are (from lesser to more extreme) as follows; Verbal warning in chat, official warning through the warning system, kicking from the server, jail time for your character at Jail or Prison, Banishment from the server. Banishment may be temporary or permanent at the discretion of the Staff.

Team Speak rules:

Rules on the official team speak may change from time to time. This is a donation/VIP only privilege. All server rules that would normally apply in game shall apply here. For further rules please visit

PvP Area Rules:

Due to multiple game types offered this section will offer general PvP rules on the server and at /warp pvp. For more specific information please see

1. PvP is only allowed in designated areas of the server.
2. Such designated areas must be clearly marked upon entering.
3. Only the following PvP zones are supported by the server at this time; Neither World, Survival World, /warp pvp (found in Atlantis), and the Hunger Games Dome located at /warp hg
4. Abuse of the system is not likely to make Staff smile, giggle and laugh. Players are asked to refrain from duping players into PvP with intentions of robbing them of items, abuse of glitches, abuse by leaving the game quickly or stepping in and out of PvP zones in order to kill a player whilst keeping yourself safe.

General Info:

Players are asked to bring infringement of the rules to staff attention via the use of /modreq. Please make no attempt to handle disorderly players or players you suspect to be cheating.

Players who believe they have been treated unfairly by staff are encouraged to send a private message to rolyd90 on these forums. Always remember to be as descriptive and helpful as possible. Posting or PMing requests to ban players or demote staff isn't welcome. We take all complaints seriously and will look into your concerns. However, requests to do such actions typically go without notice. Issues in the past have always been handled. All we ask is for a detailed description of your account of events. Thank you.

Players banned for x-ray usage will have all personal items reset should they be allowed to return after a ban from the server. This includes chests and inventory in all worlds as well as valuable building blocks used in game.

From time to time a team of Llamas are brought in to aide in management of the server. Feeding of the Llamas, inappropriate touching of the Llamas and abuse directed at the Llamas will result in the offending player being recruited into the Mexican WorkForce Project.
-Dale :moderator:In-game admin/GM

Refuge: n. That which shelters or protects from danger or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which protects by its strength or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place inaccessible to an enemy.