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About the Server

Roly's Minecraft started April 2011 as a server with a small community and everyday has been growing since then.

Looking for somewhere safe to build? Feel free to build in Main World or Atlantis, but want to play with a bit of danger Survival might be just for you!

Designed by ed by oddworld_chris and LeftSpineDwn

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Hosted in Adelaide, South Australia you can connect from rolyd.com

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With over 30+ Plugins running on Spigot, [forums or ask in-game for more information]

Roly's Minecraft - Worlds
Main World

This is where you first spawn

Fully functional mall

HungerGames, Zoo + loads more

Some places to visit In-game
/warp starter
/warp mall
/warp hg


In this world, no staff interaction.

Entry and Exit only through the spawn point.

PvP is ON and better hide your chests.

Note: Only accessible through portal room, at Main World /spawn


Huge PvP Arena

With more to come!

Plenty of room to build

Some places to visit In-game
/warp pvp

Useful Pages
Facebook Page Command List Colored Signs
Wealthiest Players WTF is a GM or MOD?  

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