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Server Updated to 1.7.2
We are currently running a Development Build of CraftBukkit, if you have any issues ill try to sort them out on the forums here. I will also keep updating CraftBukkit until a Recommended Build comes out.
Facebook Timeline Photo, w/ smegjez and RYDER01
Join Now, IP: rolyd.com  Come see whats new!
Posted: 3rd December 2013 by rolyd90, In the Screenshot: smegjez (Left) & RYDER01 (Right)

People have been busy building! You can find screenshots of all the amazing work people have done. Visit our Forums > Screenshots or visit our Facebook page.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Posted: 30th March 2013 by rolyd90, Screenshot by LeftSpineDwn
WTF is a GM or MOD?
Many players wonder just what is a GM or MOD? In this post you'll be acquainted with the titles, what it means to be one and just how you go about being one. [Read More]
Posted: 19th January 2013 by dale00474
Come visit us on Facebook!
For all the latest news, player screenshots, run by our community. [Take Me There!]
Posted: 4th September 2012 by rolyd90

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